People in the modern world have understood the importance of belonging and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and thereby improving their physical condition, improving health, increasing confidence, appearance and self-esteem. This has resulted in significant growth in the fitness sector, where the international industry has designed and developed equipment and accessories of high level of technology to place them at the service of millions of users.

The Fitness market is in full growth and it is estimated that it will continue to do so above any other sector of the economy worldwide, with special emphasis on Latin America where only 3.6% of the population exercises in gyms, which implies an opportunity for important growth in the region.


CWith more than 25 years in the Fitness Business, NEXGEN directors and researchers have acquired the knowledge to provide the best solutions to the different markets where Fitness is practiced.

NEXGEN is an innovative, modern model, with first-class technology, that has been able to integrate the most innovative, equipment, accessories and methods in a unique business concept to meet the needs of a healthy lifestyle.

NEXGEN is established as a business concept, profitable, durable and with broad development perspectives in the various markets and it´s implementation, under different ownership, associative or granted formats, without limiting any other viable scheme for the distribution of NEXGEN equipment and accessories.

PURPOSE: motivation and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.


To be the reference brand of equipment, accessories and supplements for physical training of the Hispanic-American market.


NEXGEN as a brand of physical training equipment, leveraging the business on a "ONE STOP SHOP" concept and developing innovative concepts in the Home, Retail, Commercial and Professional segments.


Commitment: With our suppliers, partners, franchisees, distributors, customers, employees for a healthy lifestyle.

Determination: Carry out our goals, projects, to give the best of ourselves to our franchisees and clients.

Dynamism: Adapt to changing situations, to new and changing market challenges.


The NEXGEN offer is mainly aimed at satisfying the needs of all those who have adopted physical fitness as a lifestyle, through a wide range of products and services that meet the requirements of the places where these practices are practiced. activities and the needs of the consumers themselves.

The offer is neither fixed nor limiting, since it is updated according to the new market proposals, the new training trends, and the best sports practices. Additionally it has the possibility to adjust to the limitations of space and budget of the clients.

The NEXGEN offer is summarized in the following products and services:

Made up of all the equipment and accessories of the NEXGEN brand, which are marketed through the NEXGEN value chain. These are:

Fitness Equipment: It is composed of the full range of equipment aimed at physical exercise in the segments of use in the home, vertical segment (condominiums, hotels, rehabilitation centers) and commercial segment (professional gyms).

The product categories are:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical
  • Stationary bikes
  • Spinning bikes
  • Abdominal equipment
  • Multiforce
  • Force Equipment

It is composed of a range of products to accompany a gym at home, professional, or for personal use of the client.

These accessories will not always be available in the store, however, they will remain in the catalog and available to make purchases under special orders. They can also be supplied by local distributors, as long as they do not compete directly with those of the NEXGEN brand.

The product categories are:

  • Strengh
  • Cardio
  • Mind & Body
  • Performance
  • General

It is composed of the range of nutrition products that either the Master Franchise, the Franchisor or local suppliers, can supply through different supply schemes.

The categories of these products are:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids
  • Creatines
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Fat Burners
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Recuperators
  • Hormone Anabolics
  • Joint Protector
  • Endurance-Resistance and Nutritional Supplements.

Our technical department carries out the design of the different installations to be executed, the monitoring of the work and the carrying out of continuous inspections so that the work is completed in the agreed time. We have a solid engineering department, the most advanced computer supports, certified equipment for testing, verification and certification of the facilities.

In other words, an unparalleled services for the proper assembly of gyms, whatever their dimensions.

Our installation and post-sale service required for the assembly and maintenance of equipment is one of the differentiating elements of Nexgen. Our network of field technicians will work diligently so that the equipment of your facilities work without problems. Our technicians are in constant professional training and in different courses around the world, where they have been endorsed and certified by the Nexgen engineers.

We also have a stock of spare parts that allows us to solve any problems quickly and timely to present the case.


The NEXGEN Franchise is a pioneer in the franchise sector of Fitness stores in Latin America, within the main innovative and different elements we have::

Specialization and knowledge in the gyms and fitness sector

High range of specialized equipment for different fitness markets

AWide portfolio of fitness accessories according to the specialization and requirement of gyms or users.

Possibility of incorporating complementary products according to the adequate supply of local suppliers

Incorporation of installation and maintenance services as a different element.

Stores with display of equipment and accessories

Possibility of carrying out projects and designs of gyms adjusted to the requirements and possibilities of the clients.

Recovery of short-term investment

Image and integrative brand in the Fitness sector

After sales service