We are pioneers in the franchise sector of Fitness stores in Latin America
The NEXGEN Franchise System can be adapted to the needs and opportunities that can be developed in each country. The important thing is to consider the alternatives that exist in the commercialization of equipment, accessories and complementary products through the supply chain of the suppliers, such as the adequate commercial and service structure required to serve the market.

The business opportunities are not limiting, since there may be other indirect ones that are identified for each of the actors involved, which will not be part of the core business.

It is important to highlight that Central Franchise: Is the owner and operator of the NEXGEN franchise concept. Manages controls and coordinates the entire system, establishing the guidelines and giving instructions to the Master Franchises so that they, in turn, apply them in the Commercial franchises.

The system has two clear levels of franchise, Master Franchises and Commercial Franchises (within a region or country):

Master Franchises

These are oriented to serve specific international markets. A franchise is granted for a specific country or region and is at the same time has the possibility of sub franchising at the national level. Within the initial negotiation, a license is granted to grant (n) amount of sub-franchises (Own and Awarded Commercial Franchises) within the price of the Master, the additional sub-franchises will have an additional license agreement.

Commercial Franchises

These are represented in physical stores oriented to sell the products offered and provide the services that have been defined for them in the value chain. All Master Franchises must have at least one (1) Owner Business Franchise.

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