The following FAQ section has been specially designed to answer the most common questions, covers the concepts used in the franchises, also covers topics about our business model, resolves doubts related to the contract, royalties, corporate advertising and local, suppliers, etc.


How do I benefit from acquiring a NEXGEN franchise?
What do I need to obtain a NEXGEN franchise?
Where can I locate my NEXGEN store?
Can the NEXGEN franchise be installed in a country where another already exists?
Which countries are still available to install NEXGEN?
Can NEXGEN be installed inside a department store?
What is the area required to install NEXGEN?
I have all the precautions and I am ready to start, what is the next step?


How much does the NEXGEN Franchise cost?
What is the payment method to acquire the NEXGEN franchise?
Do you offer financing or some type of credit for the acquisition of the NEXGEN franchise?
How long is the return on the investment in the NEXGEN operation estimated?
What is the net gain I can obtain in the NEXGEN operation?
What is the total cost of the investment?
What does the payment for the franchise fee include?
What is the margin of commercialization that I obtain in each product?
What is Royalty?
What is the cost of Royalty?
What is advertising canon?


Who processes the permits required to locate NEXGEN in malls or other Establishments?
How much staff do I have to hire to attend a NEXGEN store?
Once accepted as a franchisee, how long can I be operating the business?
What is the work schedule of a NEXGEN franchise?


What kind of products are sold in NEXGEN?
Can you market products not established by NEXGEN?
NEXGEN offers discounts or special prices on purchases?


NEXGEN would give us training and assistance to open the store?
What type of continuous assistance do I receive?


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