NG85AC1 – Abdominal Crunch

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The Nexgen Abdominal Crunch (NAC) line is designed to exercise the abdominal muscle through a lifting movement. Unlike the popular abdominal exercise, which works the abdominal muscles from top to bottom, NAC moves in the opposite direction, working the abdominals from the bottom up.

The movement requires lifting the knees and legs, while contracting the abdominal muscles, providing a high efficiency in the exercise. The arms are kept in resting position, which does not allow using the upper part of the body and forces the movement to be done with the abdominal muscles.

  • The seat is mobile free so that you can turn the knees and work on your obliques.
  • The handles are adjustable to 4 different positions.
  • NAC has a position to place weight plates and increase the resistance level of the exercise.

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